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What we do

At Golden Hands Pilates we offer physio therapeutic treatments and the exercise methods Pilates and Stop n' Go. Starting Wednesday, November 14 2018, we open hair and nail salon on the ground floor.

Our primary goal is to treat your pain and stiffness. We also offer relaxing body work, hair and nail treatments.

When it comes to Pilates, we run scheduled classes in Classical Pilates every day. The Pilates mat classes have room for maximum 5 (5) people.

You can also get a tailor made exercise program just for you, if you have a special goal or need.

Golden Hands Pilates offers a new type of exercise called

“Stop n’ Go”

"Stop n' Go" is for you who are...

...just keeping in shape

...marathon runners


...young or old

...out of shape


...looking for something new in exercise

Certified manager Hieu studied in England, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, among other places. She has 23 years of experience in the field of physio therapy. Hieu has cured more than a thousand people from problems involving the neck, shoulder, back, knee, etc.

Any work from manager Hieu is 325 vnd per 30 minutes

Body treatments (VND, 60 minutes)

  • Osteopathic physiotherapy and special healing treatment:

neck, back, shoulder, hand and feet, knee, Achillies tendon, etc.  325.000 for 30 mins

  • Therapeutic treament 400.000
  • Slimming treatment 350.000
  • Cellulite treatment 350.000
  • Special body scrub 400.000
  • Acupuncture by doctor 

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Body care (VND, 60 minutes)

  • Warm stone 350.000
  • Thai therapy 390.000
  • Coin rubbing winds 250.000
  • Swedish care strong 350.000
  • Shiatsu pressure points 350.000
  • Hand operated vacuum pump 250.000
  • Thai traditional care stretching 350.000
  • Relaxing care with essential oil medium 300.000

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