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Lương 7.5 Tr / thang + 10% phí Phục Vụ + Tip


Đia Chỉ 31 / 3 Nguyễn Đăng Giai. P Thảo Điền Q2. TPHCM


Mrs : Hiếu 0903900690

Đăng Ngày 30.3.2018

CÓ Đào Tạo Nhân Viên




Certified manager Hieu studied in England, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, among other places. She has over 20 years of experience in the field of physio therapy. Hieu has cured more than a thousand people from problems involving the neck, shoulder, back, knee, etc.


Any work from manager Hieu is 300 000 vnd per 30 minutes



Body treatments (200 - 375 VND)


  • Osteopathic physiotherapy and special healing treatment for problem areas, such as neck, back, shoulder, hand and feet, knee, Achillies tendon, etc. (30 min)
  • Acupuncture, arranged when requested
  • Special body scrub (45 min)
  • Slimming treatment (60 min)
  • Cellulite treatment (60 min)



Body care (250 - 375 VND)


  • Warm stone (60mins)
  • Coin rubbing winds (30 min)
  • Swedish care strong (60 min)
  • Shiatsu pressure points (60 min)
  • Body care soft and gentle (60 min)
  • Hand operated vacuum pump (30 min)
  • Relaxing care with essential oil medium (60 min)
  • Authentic traditional Thai care stretching (60 min)



Facial - using Oriflame products (150 - 450 VND)


  • Eyelash tint
  • Eye treatment (20 min)
  • Aroma therapy (60 min)
  • Male treatment (60 min)
  • Relaxing facial care (30 min)
  • Anti aging collagen treatment (90 min)
  • Special treatment - pimples, blackheads (90 min)



Foot care (90 - 180 VND)


  • Pedicure
  • Foot care (30 min)
  • Foot treatment (35 min)
  • Foot reflexology (50 min)



Hand care (5 - 60 VND)


  • Nail art
  • Manicure
  • Hand care (30 min)



Waxing (70 - 250 VND)


  • Half legs
  • Full legs
  • Under arm
  • Bikini



Hair dressing (45 - 450 VND)


  • Shampoo & blow-dry
  • Colouring (short/long)
  • Eyelash extension
  • Party hairstyling
  • Eyelash curl
  • Straightening
  • Ear candles
  • Hair cut



"Hieu, you are truly wonderful. I have suffered from lower back and neck pain for 10 or 15 years, and you have freed my from the pain I tried doctors, physical therapy, chiropractors, but none worked. But until your truly golden hands worked on me. Bless your cotton sox.


/Love from Rob XXX yours forever grateful"




"I have not been a big believer in massage until now. You have done a wonderful job on my hip. For a little person you sure can cause great pain. H"s a good pain though. Thanks for helping me out. All the best and I will certainly spread the word about your work to others.






"For five years I have had pain in my foot. The doctors wanted me to have an operation. When I first met Hieu she could not touch my foot. She has given me treatment four times and for the first time in years I can walk on my foot and touch it without feeling any pain. And now I don't think will need an operation any more, because now I can walk on my foot without feeling any pain.


/Susanna Nilsson"




"Thank you for completely fixing my calf problem. This has caused me pain for many years. And therapy in the UK, USA, Egypt has made no difference. I remember the many treatments and the pain, trying to laugh, instead of cry, going home for soda water and paracetamol. But now it is completely fixed as if there has never been a problem. I will continue to visit for any other problem and to send my friends. As any time you find the exact problem area in seconds - magic.


/Andy Thain"




"I came to Vietnam two years ago and was told by a running friend that I could get a strong medical massage at Hieu's. But I did not try until I slipped and pulled my hamstring six weeks before a half marathon. Hieu was amazing, not only did she enable me to run that race, she also fixed a problem in my knee which I have had for over ten years. I am so grateful, I feel like a new woman. I told my daughter Emma, her sore back, and Hieu sorted it as well. She is a lovely person, always makes time, and she knows muscles.






"To my dear Hieu,


Thank you so much for fixing my foot!! I have not been able to move it so well all my life... Now wow my toes move!! It's been painful mate... But what a joy to be able to wear flip flops, climb ladders and know my tendons+muscles are going to support me! I am excpecting a visit in (kiwiland). Young lady look after Bee+Trudy... You have my permission to hurt them like hell!!! =) Oh my love + Thank you






"I can say that Hieu fixed a serious back and strain problem from kick boxing. I had been kick boxing and she is the best massage therapeutic in Vietnam. She is truly Hieu Golden Hands.


/David Ball 7nt( SOS

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