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Golden Hands Pilates has launched a new type of exercise called “Stop n’ Go”


"Stop n' Go" is for you who are -


just keeping in shape

marathon runners


young or old

out of shape


looking for something new in exercise


Welcome to “Stop n’ Go”!


...more information and schedule here below...

What “Stop n’ Go” is:


  • 55-60 minute full body workout
  • Primarily a group workout
  • The same exercises for everybody no matter what level of fitness you are
  • In “Stop n’ Go” you exercise at any pace you prefer -

- You can walk and move very slowly or you can run very fast and move very quickly

- You can do very few repetitions of each exercise

- You can do lots of repetitions of each exercise

- You do alternate between moving slowly or fast in one exercise to holding a position in the next exercise


  • There are alternating cardiovascular exercises throughout the workout session
  • What everybody should do in "Stop n' Go" is breathe out 10 times per each exercise
  • Your repetitions are the 10 times breathing out
  • If you look for low intensity; breathe out quicker 10 times and do very few and slow movements
  • If you look for high intensity; breathe out slowly 10 times and get as much movement into it as possible.


Maximum number of bookings per class: 5 people

Price list


Stop n' Go group classes


1 single 230.000

5 sessions 1.000.000

(valid for 2 months)

1 month 2.500.000



To place a booking, please text David

033-259 2660


For questions call David or email

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